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De Doelen Rotterdam

De Doelen International Congress Centre is an ideal meeting place. Located at the very heart of the dynamic city of Rotterdam, our stylish building is perfectly suited for cultural, corporate and knowledge-based events.

De Doelen’s special appeal lies in its dual function as international concert hall and conference centre. This is underscored by the building’s design: the remarkable 1960’s functionalist architecture of the original concert hall contrasts beautifully with the conference centre’s more dynamic and modern design.

De Doelen comprises three groups of halls or complexes: the Grote Zaal (Main Hall, max. 1850 p.), the Willem Burger Zaal (max. 700 p.) and the Jurriaanse Zaal (max. 465 p.). Each complex has its own entrance, hall, foyer, and a number of smaller meeting spaces. One distinctive feature is that these three groups of halls can be used individually or in combination. This makes de Doelen uniquely flexible and perfectly suited for gatherings ranging from 100 to 3000 delegates.

Visiting Address:
Jurriaanse Complex
Kruisplein 30
3012 CC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Post address:
de Doelen International Congress Centre Rotterdam
PO box 972
3000 AZ Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Delivery Address:
Kruisstraat 2
3012 CT Rotterdam
The Netherlands