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The ASME-ORC2013 Speaker Service Center is open from September 20th, 2013.

In order to efficiently organise all the presentations during the conference and make sure that all presentations are issued to the correct room at the conference venue, we have a Speaker Service Centre during “ASME-ORC2013”. It is compulsory to use the Speaker Service Centre for your presentation during this conference.

You serve at least 90 minutes before your lecture starts to submit your files. An exception is made for those speakers who present in the first sessions of each day,  they can hand in their files at least 60 minutes before the start of their lecture.



We kindly request you to upload your presentation via: http://ftp.dedoelen.nl.

Click on the conference name: ASME-ORC2013

Next you:
 1. Select your name (= your presentation number) and click on SUBMIT. 
- Y
ou can find your presentation number and password (family name of abstract submitter!) at the end of the final information email sent to you on September 23th by the conference secretariat!

2. Enter your password then click on SUBMIT.
- You can upload one presentation at the time. For uploading multiple presentations, start from point 1.

You will get a message that you have not uploaded any files. Click CONTINUE
- If you have been uploading files before, you will get an overview of all files of the previous uploadings. 


4. You will see a screen with a BROWSE button, giving you the opportunity to upload your presentation. You can select multiple files. Make sure that the name of your presentation always contains the PRESENTATION NUMBER!!

5. Click on START UPLOAD.

6. You will receive a message as follows: “Successfully uploaded: filename“

If you have any questions or difficulties please contact Sander Zeilstra at: s.zeilstra@dedoelen.nl

Please use as subject: “WebSSC Instructions ASME-ORC2013”. On the website you will also find a link to get assistance.

Please note that:

  • Do not upload files for other presenters!
  • Once uploaded, you cannot edit your files. If you want make changes in your presentation, you have  to upload a new file and overwrite the old version.
  • We will only use the latest uploaded version.

Speakers Service Centre on-site during the conference

If you have not loaded your presentation on-line, you have to load your presentation on-site in Speaker service Centre at least 90 minutes before for your presentation starts. Technicians will assist you with loading your presentation. Presenters of the first session of each day, have to hand in their files at least 60 minutes before their lecture starts.

At all times you will have to check your presentation at least 90 minutes before your lecture starts in the speakers service centre. Technicians will check if your files are correct.

Conference staff will direct you to the speakers service centre. The Speaker Service Centre is located in the Hudig zaal

Additional information on video files in PowerPoint

The use of video files in PowerPoint is possible, but with some strict guidelines.

You will always have to copy / bring the video files separate from the PowerPoint.

PowerPoint will support the following extensions of video files: .avi, .wmv, .mpg en .mpeg. The QuickTime .mov format is not supported.

However the file extension implicates that there is a standard in the file, that is not the case. For production of a video a codec is used. This codec is used to efficiently store the video material. This can be seen as a sort of encryption. To view a file you will need the exact same codec as with the video has been made.

For use of video files in PowerPoint you will have to be aware that you only use standard codecs.

If you conform your presentation to these guidelines you can be ensured that your video files will play in PowerPoint


Additional information on materials in the lecture room

All lecture rooms are equipped with a laptop on the lectern, if not, a 17” display will be aside of the lectern in order to see you presentation during your lecture.

The control of you presentation is done by a cordless presenter. With this presenter you can navigate back- and forwards through your presentation.

You can use the cordless presenter as a laser-pointer as well. There is also a green laser-pointer available.

On the lecture desk you will find a little light that is controlled by the chair. When this light is lid, you are supposed to end your lecture.